Mechanical Contractors

All mechanical contractors must register with the City of Orange and must pull their own permits separate from the general contractor's building permit.

The City requires a copy of your current Texas State Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors License to be on file in the Inspections Office at 303 N. 8th Street, Orange, TX 77630.

The City of Orange requires an Insurance Certificate showing a minimum of $300,000 in general liability and state issued photo ID to be on file in the Inspections Office.

Mechanical Permits

Mechanical Permits Permit Fees
Basic Fee for Non-Residential (1st $1,000.00 Valuation or less) $15.00
Non-Residential Each Additional $1,000.00 of Valuation $2.00
Residential Complete Unit Change-out or new Installation $60.00
Other Residential Work (Partial Replacement) $35.00
Re-inspection Fee $30.00

Inspections Required:

  • Rough-In
    • All Plenums and ductwork should be in place, including ducts for bath vents, dryer vents, and vet hood vents.  All gas appliances shut off valves and combustion air vents are to be in place (if applicable). 
  • Final Inspection - Not Occupied
    • All appliances are to be in place and operational.