City Secretary

The City Secretary is an officer of the city who is appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the City Manager (per City Charter (PDF) Article III, Section 3.08).


The City Secretary's office gives notice of meetings, prepares meeting agendas and records the minutes of meeting proceedings. The City Secretary authenticates all ordinances, resolutions and motions by signature and keeps a record of each ordinance, resolution and motion passed by the City Council as prescribed by the Charter of the City of Orange.

The City Secretary is also the city's Records Management Officer and is responsible for managing, certifying and preserving the records of the City of Orange. The City Secretary also provides information and assistance to the public in locating the correct sources for government information.

The City Secretary conducts all City of Orange Elections and issues parade permits, itinerant vendor and charitable solicitation permits, City alcoholic beverage permits, tow truck business permits and ambulance permits.


The Orange City Council voted unanimously to approve Draft Map D on final reading January 10, 2012 during the 9 am regular meeting of the City Council. A copy of Map D is on Display at the Orange Public Library. The redistricting plan (Plan D) was precleared by the U.S. Department of Justice in a letter received March 2, 2012 by the City Secretary's office.