Municipal Court

Court Sessions

Court sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Sign-in begins at 8 am and the court session begins at 8:30 am, the courtroom doors will be locked at 8:30 am and it is the decision of the judge on whether or not he will see latecomers.

Dress Code

All persons entering the Courtroom must be clean, neat, and dressed appropriately. To maintain the dignity, decorum, and professional atmosphere of the Court and the administration of Justice the following information should serve as a guide on the clothing that is considered inappropriate or unacceptable for the Court:

  • Capris
  • Caps
  • Clothing that displays offensive, vulgar, racist, gang-related, obscene language, and/or graphics
  • Clothing that exposes undergarments
  • Cutoff shorts
  • Do-rags
  • Dresses/skirts that are more than two inches above the knee
  • Halter tops
  • Hats
  • Mid-drift exposing tops
  • Muscle shirts
  • Pants that are tattered or have holes in them
  • Shorts
  • Sunglasses

Any person not dressed in appropriate Courtroom attire is subject to removal. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the courtroom


Forms of payment: cash, money orders, local checks, credit and debit cards-no roll coins. The City offers an online payment option for any case that has an outstanding warrant. You may pay it online or by phone by calling 866-955-5455 to speak with a phone operator at MVBA. The City offers an online payment option for traffic citations or you may call 800-444-1187.