The Orange Fire Department is a paramilitary organization operating under a "Chain of Command".

  • Executive Command Staff
    • Fire Chief -The Fire Chief is the Administrative Officer of the entire Fire-Rescue organization.
    • Deputy Fire Chief- The Deputy Chief assist in the administration of the Department and directs the operation of the Department. The Deputy Chief also oversees Operations, Community Risk Reduction, and Emergency Management.
  • Community Risk Reduction
    • Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal -The Fire Marshal conducts fire inspections and other fire prevention task on a frequent and timely basis, to eliminate or reduce hazards and enforce codes on new and existing occupancies. The Fire Marshal reviews plans for new construction, renovations of existing buildings, and fire and life safety systems. The Fire Marshal is also an Arson Investigator who collects evidence, identifies any potential accelerants, and works towards determining the cause(s) of a fire.
  • Field Operations
    • Battalion Chief - The Battalion Chief supervises three fire stations, consisting of three Captains and 7 Firefighters--and coordinates fire suppression activities within its designated geographical area.
    • Captain - Under the direction of the Battalion Chief, the Captain is in command of a station (a single fire company). The Captain is in charge of day-to-day activities at his/her station, which may include inspections, in-service training or community education events. At a fire, medical or other emergency, the Captain directs the operation of his/her crew.
    • Firefighter - Under the direction of a Captain, a Firefighter performs routine station maintenance. At the scene of a fire, firefighters are directly responsible for rescue and extinguishment of the fire. At medical calls, which make up more than 80% of total responses, firefighters are directly involved in patient care. All uniformed members of the Orange Fire Department are emergency medical technicians (EMTs).