Meeting Room

Policy for Non-Library Use

The Ira M. Williamson meeting room at the Orange Public Library is used primarily for library-sponsored programs and activities; however, the multipurpose room may be reserved for general public meetings of an educational, cultural, or civic nature. It is not the intent of the City of Orange to provide meeting space at the library on a frequent and permanent basis to support the primary activities of any group or organization.

Guidelines & Regulations

The following guidelines are to be observed concerning the use of the meeting room.

  • A general public meeting is defined as an activity intended for and open to the general public and must be totally free of charge (e.g. Club business meetings intended primarily for club members, even though membership in the club is open to anyone, either free of charge or by payment of a fee will not meet these criteria. On the other hand, sponsorship of a free lecture or program for the general public by a club would meet these criteria).
  • The room cannot be used for commercial or business purposes, religious services, or political rallies. Non-partisan voter information forums are permitted as long as all candidates are invited.
  • Any event that interferes with the regular use of the Orange Public Library because of noise, activity, etc., will not be permitted.
  • The room may be used only during hours that the Orange Public Library is open to the public.
  • Reservations shall be made no more than six months in advance and no later than 24 hours prior to requested time of use.
  • The City reserves the right to revoke permission to use the room as scheduled if it is needed for Library or City purposes, although every attempt will be made to provide the group an acceptable alternate time.
  • The group sponsoring a program will be held responsible for orderly conduct and for any damage to Library property and equipment.
  • Applicants for the room also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Orange from any liabilities or expense resulting from personal injury no matter the cause of such injury during use of the room.
  • The group will be responsible for setting up, re-arranging and taking down needed tables and chairs, and for cleaning the premises if needed after any program.
  • Only light refreshments may be served.
  • The Library is to be given sufficient details of the program to be held in order to make a decision concerning the suitability of the meeting for the purposes of the room as well as to be able to answer the telephone and other inquiries from the public concerning the meeting.

Further regulations may be formulated as necessary and will be binding on all those who wish to use the facilities.